Value Camps

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The ValueCamp is inspired by climbers who share a passion and strive to become better mountaineers. They guide and coach each other to get ahead, which helps them grow and strengthen their skills and passion. You work as a team to move from camp to camp and leave no one behind.


  • A coherent group with a shared objective that supports each other
  • A place to practice the next most valuable thing you cannot do
  • An environment to experiment without fear and practice until it is easy
  • Every expedition starts in base-camp where we acclimatize and prepare

We enable you to :

  • Inspire each other & grow a value mindset
  • Collaborate & Balance with your team
  • Explore more ground collectively as a team
  • Discover higher value opportunities
  • Experiment and learn from each other strengths
  • Create value that is substantial and sustainable
  • Bring your own case to experiment & learn
  • Shine & Excel

‘When the problem is hard, make the problem easy and solve the easy problem’

– Kent Beck