Explore. Discover. Experiment

Explore all Options. Discover the Next Step. Experiment to Learn. Value will Emerge

Where human and business value meet and drive purpose.
Join us and jump start value driven thinking and doing.


We are an alliance of DevOps engineers who bring into practice our purpose to create value. Design products that matter to our customers and contribute to our communities. We explore scenarios to understand the underlying problem and strive to discover effective MVP solutions. We experiment to learn, fail fast and validate various approaches.

Most of all, we never stop nourishing the value created.

Ready to Take Action?

Step 1.

Inside-out to Outside-in

Start with the End in mind
Explore all Options
& see the Bigger Picture

Step 2.

Profit to Value

Focus on Purpose
Discover the Next Step
& do this Recursively

Step 3.

Thinking-out to Trying-out

Experiment to Learn.
Fail as Fast as possible
& bring your own Case

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit’ 

– Aristotle

Join our ValueCamps

Test Camp

Experiment with BDD,
Test Automation
& Testing Pipelines

Dev Camp

Experiment with TDD,
Docker Containers &
Build Pipelines

Ops Camp

Experiment with Monitoring,
Operational Intelligence &
Deployment Pipelines

Bizz Camp

Experiment with User Story
Mapping, BDD & DevOps –
Business Integration

Arc Camp

Experiment with Cloud Native,

Sec Camp

Experiment with Built-in security,
Container Image security,